The Automated Safety Hitch

The Automated Safety Hitch™System becomes an integral part of the gooseneck trailer or 5th wheel without adding length to the trailer. It is very important for owners to understand that once our assembly attaches itself to the tow vehicle, it literally becomes a part of the vehicle and an extension of the vehicle’s wheelbase. The beauty of this design is that it extends the length of the wheelbase of your vehicle when towing the trailer, which provides greater stability and allows you to leave the extra wheelbase when detached and parked.The Automated Safety Hitch™ System has the handling effect of shortening the length of the trailer by pulling the trailer to the outside of the turn. (For most installations this has the effect of shortening the trailer approximately 25 to 30 feet when turning.) Its steerable axle prevents tire scuffing and enables effortless turns by automatically sensing the turning rates and forces generated by the driver’s steering and automatically steers the Automated Safety Hitch System’s wheels proportionately in the proper direction. The axle permits steering at slower, sharper turns and automatically locks straight when traveling down highways and byways

With our Automated Safety Hitch System design, your trailer is supported by a full size, steerable truck axle. The Automated Safety Hitch System axle remains parallel to your rear axle giving a vehicle of any size the same benefits of the dual rear axles of an eighteen-wheeler. The axle steers automatically when sensing turns at driver’s discretion. It will track straight ahead at all other times.

The standard Automated Safety Hitch System axle can handle pin weights up to 6,300 lbs. This translates to a trailer having a gross weight up to 30,000 lbs. We now have an optional axle that can handle pin weights of up to 8,000 lb.


The Automated Safety Hitch System has its own electrical system.

Easy hook-up with “Auto Alignment”, “Auto Elevation”, “Auto Attachment” and “Auto Retraction” means hooking up by yourself without aggravation, frustration and present hazards.

The deluxe model of the Automated Safety Hitch™ System comes with a three-year limited warranty. This warranty has exceptions of the tires, winches and batteries.

How it works

Just back up to the trailer, attach the two safety chains, pull forward a few feet, press a switch and the trailer automatically attaches to the tow vehicle. During the last phase of the attachment sequence, the tandem full caster support gear automatically centers and retracts like the nose gear of an airplane. Nothing to turn, pull, bang or twist. Insert two locking pins, plug in the trailer’s power cord and drive away.

For short bed trucks you can jack knife nearly 140˚ without any truck or trailer damage approximately saving $1,900 to $9,000+.

For lifted trucks nearly $7,800 saved by utilizing the Automated Safety Hitch System.

The Automated Safety Hitch System axle now steers automatically after nine flashes of the turn signal, and true tracks forward at all other times. This axle automatically senses the vehicle’s direction of turn, amount of turn and rate of turn, then causes the Automated Safety Hitch System’s tires to steer proportionately in the proper direction. There are no electrical and no mechanical connections between the truck’s front axle and our axle. The steering control and sensing system does not require electrical power to operate. This sensing system is so reliable that it is warranted for 10 years.

To detach, simply unplug the power cord, press a switch momentarily, place the safety pins in the unlatched position, turn one lever to the release position allowing the whole hitch to disconnect and the support gear comes down when you pull forward. Unhook the two chains and drive away. At night, all lights that came on automatically will turn off automatically.

Money you’ll save by owning an Automated Safety Hitch™ System

By utilizing the Automated Safety Hitch System, a three quarter ton vehicle with a regular axle does the same towing job as a one-ton dually. Approximately $2,000 saved.

Since you no longer need a dually to pull your trailer, you can drive in town without damaging the dually fenders and wearing out dually tires. Approximately $1,800 saved per occurrence.

Over the years, trailer manufacturers have increased the height of pick-up trucks. Trailer manufacturers compensate by “blocking up” the trailer because it is important for the trailer be level when being towed. By using the Automated Safety Hitch™ System, your trailer does not have to be “blocked up”. Approximately $500 to $1,500 saved.

With the gooseneck or 5th wheel not in the vehicle’s bed, your tow vehicle is now free to carry cargo. No need for hayracks or mounted in-bed hitches. Approximately $2,000 to $6,000 saved.

No more replacing damaged tailgates which happen while backing up to or pulling away from your trailer. Approximate savings $1,600 saved per occurrence.

Smart points of the Automated Safety Hitch System

  • Your gooseneck or 5th wheel can be pulled with an SUV, loaded pickup, short bed truck or lifted pickup.
  • Because your trailer does not have to clear the raised tailgate, the headroom over the gooseneck can be 6 feet tall with only about a 14 inch step-up instead of the 48 to 50 inch step-up of older trailers.
  • Structural integrity and square footage is enhanced because the length of the coupler and vertical wall are shortened while floor space where steps were once needed to get into storage or bedchambers on the inside of the trailer is freed up.
  • There will be minimal bouncing and distraction while towing because the trailer rides on its own axle and suspension.
  • Backing straight is much easier due to the Automated Safety Hitch System giving your vehicle tandem axles and a longer wheel base.

Optional feature

Self Recovery System –With the trailer resting on its own axle and having its own recovery winch, it can be winched out of a muddy or sandy area by itself. Cable length is approximately 100 feet. (Saves you $300.00 to $700 of towing charges per occurrence). Just walk your trailer to the truck parked on firmed ground.

For additional information, please contact us.

The Automated Safety Hitch can be financed as part of / with your new trailer.

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